First payment of Health Insurance Claim

It\'s our pleasure to announce that the Ananta Management handed over the first claim money of Health Insurance under the Ananta Health Insurance Scheme to Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, Sr. executive, Administration of Paradise Washing Plant Ltd. He caught a road accident while he was on the way to home during last eid-ul-fitre vacation and got admitted to a local hospital and later at other hospitals in Dhaka for better treatment. Considering his documents, the health insurance management committee of Ananta approved taka 15000/= and handed over to this claimant on October 5, 2016. MD sir, DMD sir, and Director Ridwan sir along with the members of the trustee committee were present in this ceremony. We are expecting our members to see this first step as a great start and be with us always. This insurance scheme was a great innovation of Ananta. Thanks to those persons who contributed to this fund and special thanks to those persons who initiated this great program.

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