Paradise Washing Plant Limited

PWPL is one of the sister concerns of Ananta. It started iourney in the year 2001 and Ananta has taken over it in the year 2009.  Since then,  the plant has been expanded and upgraded rapidly in its equipment and facilities. The company is enhancing its technical, structural capability to a huge extent. It has a fully functional  ETP. It has a group of expert personnel to handle the most critical washes required in the industry. As a result, today PWPL is recognized as a pioneer wash plant in this arena. 


  • Washing capacity of 60,000 pcs per day
  • Hand sanding capacity 27500 pcs per day
  • Whisker 15,000 pcs per day
  • Tagging 15,000 pcs per day
  • PP spray 20,000 pcs per day
  • 3D wrinkle 14,000 pcs per day
  • Grinding/destroy 13,000 pcs per day


  • Enzyme wash
  • Enzyme stone wash
  • Bleach wash
  • Tie wash
  • Towel bleach
  • Over dye
  • Rubber ball wash
  • Tie dye
  • Deep dye
  • Resin dip

Machinery & equipments:

  • 10 Sample washing machines
  • 2 Sample hydro machines
  • 4 Sample dryers
  • 16 Yilmak front loading washing machines
  • 8  Hydro machines
  • 19 Yilmak front loading dryers
  • 1 Ozone machine
  • 13 Belly washer & 14 belly driyers
  • 15 Round resin application whisker dryers
  • 1 Conveyer curing oven
  • 2 double burner boilers
  • 4 crinkle machines
  • 6 -3D whisker machines
  • 3 Cabinet with double pp spraying systems
  • 10 Horizontal abrasive machines
  • 10 P.P Guns
  • 6 pneumatic destroy machines
  • 6 Tagging machines
  • 6 Grinding machines


  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Boiler room
  • Chemical storage
  • Lab facility
  • Compressor room
  • Gas connection
  • Substation
  • 46,000 SFT floor space

Strict quality procedure: 
We are committed to providing the highest quality products. All garment pass through strict quality check before we start any dry or wet process on it. When dry process is complete, a 2nd quality check is done to filter any reject garment inter into the wet zone. After wash, a final quality check is placed to ensure highest quality level.

Certifications: Our customers are typically the top brand importers and retailers from the United States as well as Western European countries. We have been certified for producing for number of brand customers as follows:

  • GAP Inc
  • H&M
  • Tema
  • Morrison
  • Miles
  • George
  • JM& A

We know, establishing a modern Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a moral responsibility as well as legal requirement for a washing factory. It is the For ecological balance, the earth desires to quench her thirst with pure water to provide us with greens lavishly. Paradise Washing Plant has a custom designed chemical-mechanical Effluent Treatment Plant. Compac in size and modern in technology, this ETP treats 1,00000 liters of effluents per hour very effectively. Our ETP transforms every single drop of wastage water into eco-friendly before discharging in the environment.

At a Glance

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Floor space


46000 sft




60000 pcs per day,


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