Ananta Leather Collections Limited (ALCL)

Ananta Leather Collections Ltd, a sister concern of Ananta companies, positioned on the outskirts of the city conforming to the local regulations. The company, in an attempt to diversify its export basket, established this factory back in June 2012. The leather sector in Bangladesh is thought to having a high probability of booming in coming days, and the raw materials and resources used in producing leather goods are sourced from local suppliers are some of the driving forces behind the establishment of Ananta Leather Collections Ltd.     ANANTA, a well-established name in Bangladesh apparel manufacturing, started in 1992 & grew to 8 companies with 12,000 workers, producing 1.4 million garments per month. Having firmly made its mark and earned swelling popularity in the fashion industry working with noted brands, namely, GAP, H&M, George, Joe Fresh and others), it was initially committed to manufacturing leather products, primarily bags & SLG. However, over time it has continued to produce an assortment of mid-range and high-end products. ALCL, although it started in a very limited scale, but it grew magnificently well with the management’s vast accumulated and substantial experience in the field of manufacturing Leather products. The experience of producing leather products for international market is now reinforced with the extensive experience and network of Ananta Companies in the arena of management, procurement, exposure, training & compliance issues. So, all things considered, ALCL is poised for success in the leather products sector. Since 2012, the Japanese market has become our export hub for our leather products. With the enlargement of the production area, ALCL is now aiming to expand its export destination to the global market with its diverse products which are made out of high-tech materials. ALCL is also capable of developing leather and customizing the products in accordance with buyers’ choice. The major focus of ALCL is to make on-time shipments & not having missed any delivery schedule that reflects its continuous commitment to buyers, and its professionalism.


  1. Long experience in Leather products and Apparel manufacturing.
  2. Extensive Sourcing and procurement network.
  3. Ability to develop new Designs, Patterns & Prototypes quickly
  4. Continuous training of operators & managers.


State of the Art manufacturing of leather products from Bangladesh.

Manufacturing plant

Presently we are on a rented space of 10,000 sft with a workforce of 70+ persons. Machineries include Cutting, Skiving, Splitting, Sewing, embossing and other required tools.

We consider this as the initial stage and in future are planning to move to our own space with a much bigger production capacity. Presently we can make 6,000(+/-) bags per month.


  1. Bags
  2. Small leather goods.

At a Glance

Current Workforce






Floor space


75,000 sft




6,000 bags per month


No of Machines




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