Observed the 22nd passing away anniversary of late Humayun Zahir, the founder of Ananta.

8 April 2015 was the 22nd Passing Away Anniversary of Late Humayun Zahir, the founder of Ananta. Mr. Zahir was the pioneer of the group. From the beginning he had been beside the company till his assassination on 8th April 1993 while he was standing in front of his own residence at Dhanmondi. He also played a vital role as the Chief Legal Advisor of the Janata Insurance Co. Ltd. and the former Chairman of Bangladesh Lions Foundation. We remember him as a builder of the nation. Hiscontributions to the social, economic and educational advancement of the country are unforgettable milestones. He would remain ever immortal in the memories of the millions.

A group of higher officials of the company visited Banani Graveyard this morning to express respect and offer Dua for eternal peace of his soul. The managing director along with higher officials attended the event.

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