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Welcome to Ananta

1992, Ananta started its voyage in limited extent at Elephant Road, Dhaka. “Ananta”, which means infinite or unlimited in Bengali, embraces the spirit of global trade. The company is dedicated to excellence in merchandising, product development, production, and logistics. We have earned a reputation throughout the global apparel industry as one of the foremost factories in Bangladesh for our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and total value. Through our extensive sourcing network, we have the ability to effectively procure the best materials. Our customers rely on us to deliver the best quality products and superb service which enable them to successfully compete in the emerging marketplace.

In 2005, Ananta shifted to Ashulia with broader aspects. The factories have wonderful landscapes with own power supply, open ground, dormitory, medical center, workshop, mosque, water supply and other modern facilities. The factory is well secured by boundary wall and a trained & equipped security team. Ananta has a wide range of product development capabilities. We utilize progressive tools such as CAD-CAM to meet specific price points and achieve quality. Our management team has an extensive understanding of the needs of companies in the West as well as production capabilities of firms in the East, making overseas sourcing easier.

Ananta focuses entirely on the clothing Industry. The plants have over 7000 modern machines for a total production capacity of between 2.5 million pcs of garments per month depending on items and style. Our 15000 employees of both production and management teams are dedicated to achieving clients’ production goals. We welcome all our prospective customers to visit and evaluate our firsthand factories.

Ananta is a 100% export oriented woven Ready Made Garment (RMG) unit. It is under the membership of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). The main products are trousers, shirts, unlined jackets, overall, shorts of all type and school-wears.


  • Year of inception: 1992
  • No of companies: 6
  • Total sewing line: 86
  • Total production floor space: 9,00,000 ft
  • Total workforce: 15,000 (Male female ratio: 32:68)
  • Total sewing machines: 7350
  • Manufacturing business: Readymade woven apparel, Leather goods
  • Monthly production capacity: 2.5 million pcs of RMG
  • Annual turnover: 150 million USD
  • Lead time: 10-16 weeks


We are having over 15000 highly professional, technically sound, and dedicated workforces; who are the partner of our growth and member of the "Ananta Family". We are proud of them and taking care of its members during crucial periods and share happiness together in the good times. We are proud of our employees who have chosen to grow with us. Ananta started as a family-owned company inspired by a powerful sense of enterprise. Many of the employees who started with the company in 1992 have chosen to stay and grow with us. They have worked hard, contributed to the success, and in a sense have become part of the larger Ananta family. This " family" takes care of its own during critical times and shares together in the good times. Through various social programs, it also reaches out to the greater society. Ananta is proud of its heritage, the business we have built, and the employees who built the company over the years.


The company has a progressive management team and provides wage and benefit programs that meet the standards set by international agencies and exceed the national minimums. Ananta is among the first companies in Bangladesh to implement innovative employee ownership, profit sharing, and health care programs. It recognizes that health, safety, and worker morale are keystones in attaining the capability to produce high-quality apparel. The factory is housed in the own building and we provide an excellent work environment that includes sanitation, ventilation, and natural lighting. Ananta believes in education and provides all employees with free health, hygiene, medical and educational programs.


Cutting section: Equipped with CAD marker making, manual spreading, edge cutter machine, digital bundle numbering & cutting.

Computer-Aided Designing (CAD): Computer-aided design equipped with TUKA and Lectra systems with the digitizing board and full-width pattern plotter.


  • Sample development
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Washing
  • Finishing
  • Packing
  • Fusing
  • Embroidery
  • Laboratory
  • Pull test
  • Nickel test


  • Gap-USA
  • H&M-Sweden, Canada
  • George-UK
  • Tema
  • Next
  • Morrison
  • Miles
  • New Look
  • C & A
  • JM & A

Ananta has been evaluated and certified under the vendor COCs. We are certified as:

  • GSV
  • WRAP
  • BSCI
  • WCA


Our motto is to attain the highest level of competence through the continuous development of professional management. The export volume & value of the company has emerged drastically which was 96 million USD in the year 2014-15.

BGMEA Election 2021-2023

BGMEA Election 2021-2023

Ananta Leather Collections

Latest News

Business concerns

We have five RMG, washing, leather plants each of which produces different types of apparel and leather products. All the plants have achieved the certification of good number of top brands. All our manufacturing units have social, environmental, structural, technical certification from buyers, Govt. authorities.

Recognized: Locally and globally

Over the years, we have received number of awards & recognitions from our customers, several organizations and Bangladesh government. Ananta is the best CSR practicing factory as per the evaluation of BGMEA.

Machinery and modern equipments

We update our technology every now and then. We utilize latest machinery and modern equipments in our production process for maximum quality output. Beside traditional sewing machinery, we have installed number of automated machines in all units including the leather unit. Our washing plant is one of the top factories in the land with ultra modern washing machinery which makes it a most up to date plant.

Social responsibility

We commit ourselves to the vision of conducting our business in a socially responsible and sustainable way. Our overall vision and aim is to find the way of successfully balancing our economic activities with the necessary care for our natural environment as well as for human beings that are involved or affected by these economic activities. We therefore submit ourselves and our business partners in addition to the standards we set for quality, business transactions and the protection of the environment, to the following social standards and requirements.

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